Mentari Farm is an organic, sun-grown, living soil, craft cannabis farm located in Williams, Oregon. They strive to be regenerative, sustainable, and environmentally conscious while producing clean, high quality cannabis.
Portland Oven naturally infuses Mentari Farm cannabis throughout their Cannaghee™ and gourmet bakery lines, insuring the highest quality cannabinoids and terpenes are served right from the source.
Their living soil is made up of large hugelkultur beds, which are constructed using recycled buried trees they cut down from their cannabis garden. The trees soak up water in the wet season, allowing Mentari to water the plants less in the dry season, and ultimately use less resources. They also break down slowly over time, adding valuable soil nutrients and a constant food source for essential microbial life in the soil.

The water they use on the farm is caught using a rainwater collection system, and then stored to be used during the peak of the growing season. A majority of all of their fertilizers and all compost are made by hand on the farm using recycled waste materials from the ocean as well as neighboring animals. They use companion plants, a rotation of cover crops, and polyculture practices to naturally take care of predators and create a thriving ecosystem in their garden that contributes to cultivating incredibly clean, tasty cannabis.