The worlds greatest Cannabis infused butter.  

What is Ghee?
Ghee is pure butterfat oil made by separating milk solids and water from butter. It is extremely tasty due to the long, slow cooking process which gives it a delicious caramel like flavoring. Ghee is lactose free, casein free, and can be liquid or solid depending on temperature.

What is Cannaghee™?
Cannaghee™ is Portland Oven's famous cannabis infused ghee. It's made with strain-specific cannabis flower and naturally infused into organic PNW grass-fed ghee.

Benefits of Cannaghee™
Cannaghee™ is strain specific, which encompasses a wide range of cannabinoids and terpenes perfect for medicinal, therapeutic, and recreational use. Cannaghee™ is bioavailable, and will properly metabolize in the liver, producing significantly more potent effects compared to smoking or vaping cannabis.